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Social Media

Just 10 years ago hashtags and tweets hadn’t even been heard of and a status update was something you did at the passport office. Today billions of people are using social media and successful businesses are no exception, so why should yours be?

Social media isn’t just about sharing cute family photos or bragging about your latest promotion, it’s a way of communicating and reaching out to customers. Just over a quarter of consumers complain to companies using social media and internet users are more likely to buy brands that they follow or ‘Like’ online, so not only is social media a platform for you to deliver that all important customer service but it’s also a means of achieving brand traction and driving sales.

Social Media Training

Most of our clients come to us with some knowledge of social media from a personal perspective and lots of our clients already have accounts set up for their business, but the common theme is that they’re stuck on the difference between personal social media and social media for business.

Many of our clients will have experimented with their business’ social media approach but they feel like they’re not getting it right or ‘missing a trick’ – that’s where we can help.

Our bespoke social media training is tailored to your business’ needs and will ensure that you have all of the information and skills you need to maximise your business’ potential on the relevant social media platforms.

We can provide training at our office or at a location of your choice – just let us know your requirements and we’ll write an individual training package and quote for you.

Social Media Management

We’re trusted by many of our B2C clients to manage their social media as it’s one of their most customer facing assets and so getting it right and on brand is vital.

Our social media management often comes hand in hand with our bespoke SEO and online marketing campaigns – enabling us to push the unique content we create and market for your business through the most effective and proven channels.

As part of devising and managing your social media strategy we can include budgeted spend on social media advertising and PPC, where appropriate. It’s all about defining your target audience and finding out which social media channels they use day to day.

You want your investment in digital to be a success and generate a nice healthy return. In order to make the most of your digital presence as well as adding to your brand’s reputation it’s important to think about your digital strategy and how it’s going to get you impressive results.
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